Jakson Resorts Jim Corbett – A peaceful abode for your next vacation

Jakson Resorts – Jim Corbett located in a lush green forest in Uttarakhand recently hosted award-winning bloggers Vishu and Saumya, who had a memorable weekend getaway which will last a lifetime.

Our guests,  Vishu and Saumya experienced a myriad of views as they encountered wildlife during one of our Jungle Safaris. They were amazed with the nature walks they took with our naturalists and discovered the rich biodiversity of flora and fauna in the vicinity.

The cozy cottage at Jim Corbett fitted with state of the art amenities made their stay pleasurable. One of the most relaxing mornings included a scrumptious poolside breakfast. The host of indoor and outdoor activities at our hotel beckoned them to a sense of amusement. Lastly, the divine meals prepared by our chefs made their trip worthwhile.

For more details of their trip, click the link below.

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