Your Dream Wedding Destination in the Enchanted Land of The Marathas

This demand for destination weddings is accompanied by the quest for destinations that cater to the modern-day wedding requirements and are ‘just right’. People are moving away from metropolitan cities and destinations which are done and dusted with, to more intimate, ‘unfound’ and unexplored locations.

This search for the exotic brought us to a hidden gem in Maharashtra’s Phaltan known as ‘Jakson Inns’ which is emerging as a highly preferred venue for destination weddings for not just people hailing from nearby cities like Mumbai and Pune but for people from all over India. Phaltan is a semi-urban town in Satara district with a rich cultural heritage and historical and mythological significance dating back to the period of Ramayana. As per local mythology, Phaltan was part of Dandakaranya in Ramayana, and Lord Ram, Laxman and Sita had come to Phaltan during their Vanvas or exile. The auspicious land of Phaltan is home to many beautiful temples of Lord Ram and Lord Shiva, among other deities which receive a commendable footfall of pilgrims, devotees and tourists. This historic marvel was also the birthplace of 17th century emperor Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s first wife, SaiBai and therefore, has a number of magnificent palaces and architectural delights such as the Rajwada Darbar.

Destination weddings are the new vogue and people are increasingly willing to step out of their familiar surroundings and organize weddings at newer offbeat locations. This trend of destination weddings is especially gaining widespread popularity in India. From celebrities to the common man, most people today want an unusual, out of the ordinary twist to the conventional wedding style and try to add their own bit of innovation to the traditional ceremonies.

Pre-Wedding Shoot

Adding to Phaltan’s charm is a sense of the ‘unknown’, the ‘unexplored’ and the exotic. The setting is ideal for couples looking for a romantic wedding destination which is surrounded by pristine nature, fascinating flora and fauna as well as some spectacular views which also attract many movie makers to shoot scenes in Phaltan. Weddings these days are preceded by elaborate pre-wedding shoots which require scenic landscapes and breath-taking backdrops which are amply present in and around Phaltan. Ajinkyatra Fort is an architectural masterpiece and is a great location for pre-wedding shoots. Rajwada Palace is another favoured location for those looking for the royal Maratha grandeur with intricate and hand-carved backdrops and colourful tapestries. The Dhumalwadi Waterfall can also be explored for some shots in the lap of mother nature. Phaltan is also home to lovely vineyards and windmills which form great settings for these shoots.

Wedding Ceremonies @ Jakson Inns

Once the destination is finalized the next and most important factor is the venue for wedding ceremonies which in the case of destination weddings, also becomes the accommodation for your guests and impacts the overall experience of the wedding. The search for the perfect hotel for your dream wedding in Phaltan ends at Hotel Jakson Inns, a one of its kind eco-friendly hotel which has been awarded IGBC LEED Platinum certification. Jakson Inns is a full package of everything one needs for a picture-perfect wedding and the services and infrastructure provided cater to all kinds of weddings from luxurious royal weddings to intimate fairy tale weddings – Jakson Inns does it all in style!

The hotel has beautiful banquet halls as well as large lawns which can be artistically decorated as per the client’s taste and requirements. For a typical Hindu wedding, some of the significant pre-wedding ceremonies include Haldi and Mehendi which are usually more enjoyable in an outdoor and open setup like the lawns or by the poolside at Jakson Inns. Welcome Dinners, Cocktail, Sangeet and Reception can be organized grandly in the well-equipped banquet halls. Guests usually prefer to have the main wedding ceremony in Jakson’s ‘Maratha Lawn’ which gets decked up and looks as royal as its name.

Hotel Jakson Inns is also perfect for Christian Weddings where the couple can walk down the aisle in the beautiful lush lawns and exchange vows of love under the clear blue skies. In fact, the brilliant team at Jakson Inns knows how to put together festivities and celebrations pertaining to each culture, religion and region – one just needs to convey their requirements and desires and this extremely capable team will do its magic! Phaltan as a location adds to the enchanting factor of the wedding by surrounding one and all with an extremely serene, peaceful and uplifting ambience where tranquillity truly touches your soul. Away from the commotion of cities, Phaltan welcomes you to nature’s paradise and reminds you that real happiness and beauty lie in simplicity.

The Personal Touch

The highly talented team at Jakson Inns customises everything from décor, themes, food & beverage to music and entertainment. No stone is left unturned as far as personalization and customization are concerned and the hotel’s event management team goes the extra mile by providing some great suggestions for special set ups, gazebos, barbecues, dinner under the stars for guests, poolside arrangements etc. – all loaded with beautiful elements and a wholesome experience.

The hotel also permits outsourcing of decoration so families can bring their own decorators at a minimal charge if they prefer to. The overall service provided by Jakson Inns is so impeccable and personalized that each guest feels cared for and looked after. Weddings can be highly demanding for the host family and they often find it hard to manage so many guests and make them feel well-attended, this is where the amazing staff of Jakson Inns steps in to cater to each tiny detail and all the special requirements of each and every guest and pampers your guests to the fullest leaving the host family worry-free.

It is commonly believed that the one aspect your wedding guests truly remember and cherish is the culinary experience and Hotel Jakson Inns is known to take its guests on a hearty gastronomic journey. The key offerings are a wholesome Malvani cuisine, the to-die-for Royal Maratha Thali along with a variety of delicacies from different corners of India. The international selection is equally tantalizing with continental delights ranging from authentic Italian specialities to sumptuous Lebanese platters – Jakson Gourmet Kitchen satiates all kinds of palates! The Chefs are well trained and showcase skilful culinary expertise while maintaining world-class hygiene standards in the kitchen. The catering team at the hotel customizes and curates special menus for your wedding celebrations as per your taste and also puts up a fantastic bar setup.

What Sets Jakson Inns Apart

The hotel is a proud IGBC LEED Platinum Rated Building, which harnesses its energy from natural resources and practices environmental sustainability very dedicatedly. Even the complimentary toothbrushes provided to the guests in their bathrooms are made of bamboo instead of the typical plastic ones. These brushes not only testify Jakson Group’s unswerving commitment to sustainability but also highlight fine taste as the brushes looks aesthetically much more appealing than your conventional disposable toothbrush found at most hotels. From toothbrush to solar energy and organic farming and produce – Jakson Inns is the epitome of eco-friendly hotels.

The boutique hotel has 69 deluxe rooms, 4 luxury suites, a contemporary bar, a fine multicuisine restaurant, a lovely swimming pool and a rejuvenating spa for the guests to unwind and indulge. The property also has a basketball court and bicycles for recreational and fitness purposes. The gym at Jakson Inns is also fully equipped with on-call fitness trainers available. Evenings are lively at Jakson Inns with Karaoke, DJ nights, theme dinners and celebrations that go on year round!

Another area where Jakson Inns has really gone above and beyond is ensuring the safety, security and comfort of their guests. The hotel provides  special rooms for solo women travellers wherein the guest is exclusively attended by female staff only and the room is equipped with a camera phone allowing female guests to see who is at the door before opening it. This really makes a huge difference and has encouraged more women to travel by themselves leaving all safety-related worries to Jakson Inns. Yet another remarkable part of the accommodation is the provision of special rooms for differently-abled persons designed with utmost care to meet all their needs and to provide them with unparalleled comfort and safety. These special features make the hotel an ideal destination for weddings where there is a complete care package for each type of wedding attendee.

A Wedding to Remember

From simple yet picturesque intimate weddings to extravagant and lavish ones, any wedding that takes place in Phaltan’s Jakson Inns is bound to be a wedding to remember. If nothing is perfect, then it would be safe to say that the experience at this hotel is as close to perfect as it can be. Efficient and prompt service, highly competent managers and staff, a personal touch to every little detail and the beautiful eco-friendly infrastructure coupled with scrumptious food and a pristine ambiance – Jakson Inns is known to bring smiles and utmost satisfaction. The guests enjoy each and every bit of the abundant warmth and hospitality extended by this very special hotel and often end up extending their stay to fully soak in the magic of the place. As the lyrics of a famous song incidentally based on a hotel read, “You can walk out any time you like, but you can never leave”. The memories made at Jakson Inns will stay with you and keep you calling back for more.

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