Jakson Gourmet, an Organic Extension of Jakson Hospitality

Jakson Gourmet, an organic extension of Jakson Hospitality and was launched in January 2015 with the objective of serving a hygienically produced, value for money meals in an industrial town setting.

The vision was to serve food that would meet HACCP standards, which are part of the ISO 2200 certification. This would put Jakson Gourmet at par with any world-class food factory and serve the average Indian line worker a meal that has class.

Jakson Gourmet offers a multi cuisine experience that is tailored for our customers diverse needs. We build our own well-appointed kitchens using international best practices. Relationships with local farmers, women's self help groups, organically farmed produce, high quality ingredients, a highly skilled staff, world class HR practices including a creche are some of the ingredients that make for a successful Jakson Gourmet kitchen.

It is only through this process and a value driven culture that we are able to meet and exceed the economic constraints of todays corporate world. We serve meals using both "worker pays & eats" and "the company pays" models.

Maintaining high standards of quality and integrity are in the DNA of Jakson Ltd and Jakson Hospitality. We guarantee our uncompromised commitment to our customers, our suppliers, the local society and our stakeholders. Working in synergy with the environment to ensure reduced impact, Jakson Gourmet plays a part in contributing to building a sustainable future. Currently serving over 4000 healthy and mouth-watering meals daily, Jakson professes that its kitchens are, in fact, institutions of culinary expertise and hygiene. With increase in facilities of this type, running a business in industrial townships may soon become hassle free.

Fully equipped kitchen

Fully equipped kitchen
for both corporate
& private catering

Capacity to prepare 10000 meals per day

Capacity to prepare
10,000 meals per day

Fresh Organic Ingredients

Fresh ingredients and
organic vegetables

Strict Sanitation Practices

Strict sanitation practices
use of gloves and
head caps

Seperate Cleaning

Separate cleaning,
and cooking areas

Manure from Food

Manure from food

Daylight Utilization

Daylight utilization for
sustainable power usage

Global Best Practices

Global best practices
for quality,hygiene
and safety

Pure Veg Food

Pure Veg Kitchen