Apart from the facilities available on the 6 acre of hotel property, the hotel has developed many new outdoor activities for its guest from nature trails, village tours to wind mill farms& is focussing on promoting eco & village tourism for those city slickers who have missed out on childhood adventures. Whether you are banker, a house wife, an executive or a CEO, fatigued by work-life, Jakson Inns Phaltan is “THE PERFECT GET AWAY”. Enjoy activities like never before such as visits to a local dairy or cattle farm. Gain the one a life times opportunity of milking a cow, riding a plough, having breakfast at a farmers backyard or driving a tractor in a lush green open maize &jowar field. Experience pomegranate plucking & walk through chickoo, mango & sugarcane orchards enjoying the succulent fruits freshly plucked from natures lap.

Visit the largest organic farm in Satara while this whole experience is made even more enjoyable as you experience farm rides on a bullock cart, learn traditional techniques of farming & experience Zebra, Gladiola & Rose plantations. For those who have a keen interest in history, there is no better place than learning about ShivajiMaharaj& his dynasty. Visit the royal palace of the Marathas, the famous Ajinkya Tara Fort & the extremely popular Aundh Museum.

Satara being one of the famous trekking destinations, the hotel organises treks to forts, waterfalls & windmills. We also offer horse riding in lush green farms.

We also offer special trips to the Pussegao windmill farms where you can enjoy sunsets & breadth taking views of the Sahyadris while we pack a delightful picnic basket of fresh fruits, breads, snacks & savouries & pamper you in style. You may add a bottle of wine/champagne to make it even memorable while you enjoy this blissful experience right here on earth.