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weekend drives from mumbai

Weekend Gateway Drives Near Mumbai & Pune

Being in the Satara district of Maharashtra, Phaltan has many sight seeing options to offer:

  • Chakelwadi Wind Mills : A scenic drive through mountains & farms takes you to the Chakelwadi windmills-Asia’s largest windmill farm based on a mountain & spread on a large plateau. Chakelwadi has developed as a tourist spot , because the windmills & hills offer a magical landscape & breath taking views. There are hundreds of windmills on the adjoining hills. Jakson Inns makes this experience even more delightful by organising guided tours & packing a picnic basket filled with goodies so that you can relax & enjoy a picnic on the top of a mountain while breathing in the fresh fragrance of nature.

  • Four Seasons Vineyard Around 65km from The Hotel : Four Seasons Wines Limited produces wines from grapes grown around Sahyadri valley in Maharashtra and at its state-of-the-art Four Seasons winery near Baramati, around 65 kms from Pune. It aims to drive interest in wines and wine consumption by offering good quality wines at reasonable price points with packaging options as well as education and engagement.

  • Fratelli Vineyard - The word Fratelli translates to 'Brothers' in Italian. An Indo-Italian venture, Fratelli was set up in 2007 with the intention to produce the best wines in the country. Collaboration between three families along with the viticulture and wine-making expertise of Piero Masi, master wine maker from Tuscany, the partnership aims to bring in Italian wine making tradition coupled with the best that the Indian wine terrain has to offer. Winery is located at 66 kms from Phaltan.

  • Varugad Fort - Varugad fort is situated in the Satara region of Sahyadris, at a distance of 27 kms from the hotel. The hill fort is built at a height of 2,900 ft. Bhairavnath temple and the fortification remains are the key attractions of the fort.

  • Sajjangad Fort - Sajjangad is 80 kms from Phaltan where Samarth Ramdas took his Samadhi. Sajjangad is 3000 ft above sea level. Samarth Ramdas was an inspiration and mentor and a spiritual teacher/Guru to the Great Maratha King Chatrapatti Shivaji Maharaj in his fight for Swaraj.

  • Dhoom Dam - Dhom Dam, is a very beautiful picnic spot located at a distance of 74 kms from hotel. This Dam is built on Krishna river.

  • DhumalWadi Waterfall - Dhumalwadi waterfall is a one day picnic spot located at 27 kms from Phaltan.The scenery immediately changes from village to beautiful greenery.The Best time to visit is the monsoon season.

  • Jabreshwar Mandir - Temple of lord Shiva which is called as Jabreshwar Mandir is located 11 kms from Jakson Inns, Phaltan.It is the oldest temple in phaltan, almost 800 years old and has beautiful stone carvings.

  • Jejuri Temple - Jejuri Temple is located in the Jejuri town, around 45 kms from Phaltan.The town is known for being the venue of one of the revered temples in the state, known as the Khandobachi Jejuri. This temple is dedicated to Khandoba, also known as Mhalsakant (Avatar of Lord Shiva) or Malhari Martand. Khandoba is regarded as the 'God of Jejuri'.

  • Shirdi - Shirdi is best known as the late 19th century home of the popular guru Shirdi Sai Baba.It is one of the richest temple organisations. Shirdi being a pilgrimage centre, on any given day some 25,000 devotees come for darshan.

  • Bamnoli - This is probably the easiest way to experience the lakes of Switzerland, right in Maharashtra! Bamnoli village on the banks of the Shivsagar lake formed due to the Koyna dam is a small community of people, who mainly cater to the tourists wanting to visit Vasota fort, Nageshwar Shiv Temple and also Tapola. Located at a distance of 99 km from Phaltan, one can just go for a ride around the shivsagar lake or, go for a boat trip to Tapola, also known as mini kaskashmir. One can also go on a guided tour to Vasota fort or the famous nageshwar Shiv temple.

  • Phaltan Rajwada - The Rajwada (Royal residence of the Maratha Kings)is situated just 11kms from the hotel. Its construction commenced in 1861 & was completed on 6th May 1875. A new portion was added to the Rajwada whose construction was completed in 1911. This was named Mudhoji Manmohan Palace who ruled the Phaltan State from 10th February 1860 to 17th October 1916. Mudhoji Manmohan Rajwada, an old palace in the city of Phaltan in Maharashtra, India was once the maternal home of Sambhaji Maharaj, son of the founder of the Maratha Empire, who succeeded the realm after his father’s death. The compound consists of residential buildings, several temples, spacious courtyards, and long halls. The interior reflects the architectural style of the period, from the intricate hand-carved woodwork seen in the columns and arches to the rich color palette in the paintings and tapestries. All of the rooms in the palace open out onto a central courtyard, or chowk, demonstrating a key feature in Indian architecture, allowing cool air to flow throughout the various rooms. The opulence of this royal home along with its architectural wonder makes it a very sought after attraction for tourists visiting the town of Phaltan.

    The excellent maintenance of this monument speaks volumes about the passion behind maintaining the glorious heritage.

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