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Ram Mandir Phaltan

Ram Mandir Phaltan

  • Phaltan located in the Satara Taluka of Maharashtra is well known for its ancient Hindu & Jain Teamples one of which is the Ram Mandir Phaltan. The Ram Mandir Phaltan is located just 10 minutes away from Hotel Jakson Inns and is situated within the same boundary wall of the Rajwada. Situated at Ravivar Peth, Phaltan, Distance from Jakson Inns to Ram Mandir is 8 KM. It is an old Temple of beautiful statues of Hindu gods Ram, Sita and Laxman in black stone who is said to be Gram Daivat of the city. Ram Janm Ustav is celebrated every year, where thousands of people gather for this celebration. "Ram Raath" is the attraction to this celebration. The temple has beautifully colored chandeliers along a large public corridor which are quite unique to a temple. The Ram Mandir Phaltan is open to the general public throughout the week where thousands of devotees visit to seek the blessings & grace of Lord Ram. A lot of movies have been shot at the Ram Mandir Phaltan, including Akshay Kumar's "Khatta Meetha"

  • Datta Guru has 3 faces but at Ram Mandir there is only an Ek Mukhi Datta which is again very unique to the Ram Mandir Phaltan. The temple is almost 300 years old. Apparently the Idols were bought from Ayodhya.

  • The idol of Lord Vittobha has been placed at the Ram Mandir Phaltan by one of the ruling queen's as she was saved from an air accident. She had vowed to Lord Vittobha that she would place his statue if he saved her from the valley of death.

  • After visiting the Ram Mandir Phaltan, one can also walk around the streets to see the "old jail' & a few other ancient buildings .