Jakson Inns Phaltan
Jakson Inns Phaltan

A director should focus on the story arc and should not have to worry about the accommodation for actors; a producer must occupy himself with the distribution of the film and not with the distribution of food among the crew.Production of a successful Movie, TV Serial or Web Series is much more than just–Lights, Camera, Action!!!!!

A comfortable stay complemented with all amenities required for cast & crew amidst the beautiful, green and non-crowded locale is what makes for a hassle-free and tension-free production of any blockbuster.

Jakson Inns at Phaltan,offers unmatched comfort, convenienceand care to production houses, so that they can shoot in peace at this wonderful princely place. Aesthetically designed& pride of Satara, this favourite film shooting destination among major production houses, is ready to host your next venture!

Phaltan is just 110km from Pune and is a treasure of Maratha heritage and culture. This quaint city boasts of an experience that seems like having gone through a time machine. With many forts, vineyards and temples in the area, you’ll have many unique options of shooting locations.

Jakson Hospitality already has extensive experience of partnering with many production houses for Block Buster Movies in Hindi & Marathi, TV Serials, Advertising Agencies for add films as well as shoots for Web Series.

The Hotel tailor makes packages for film crew & also provides meals at the shooting sites. It has ample & safe parking space for vanity vans, trailers & other vehicles.

Remember, whether you’re planning to shoot a Movie, TV Serial, YouTube Video, Video Blog or Web Series Episode, Jakson Inns at Phaltan, is where dreams come alive on the silver-screen!