Jakson Inns Phaltan
Jakson Inns Phaltan

The Great Maratha Warrior Shivaji, was the son in law of Phaltan. The Phaltan Rajwada is Sai Bai's maternal home.

The Phaltan Rajwada (Royal residence of the Maratha King) is situated just 11kms from Hotel Jakson Inns & one should not miss the opportunity of visiting this architectural marvel.

Its construction commenced in 1861 & was completed on 6th May 1875. A new portion was added to the Phaltan Rajwada whose construction was completed in 1911. This was named Mudhoji Manmohan Palace, who ruled the Phaltan State from 10th February 1860 to 17th October 1916. Mudhoji Manmohan Rajwada, an old palace in the city of Phaltan in Maharashtra, India, was once the maternal home of Sambhaji Maharaj, son of the founder of the Maratha Empire, who succeeded the realm after his father's death.

The Phaltan Rajwada compound consists of the main residential building, The ancient Ram Mandir, spacious courtyards and long halls. The interior of the Phaltan Rajwada reflects the architectural style of the period, from the intricate hand-carved wood work seen in the columns and arches to the rich color palette in the paintings and tapestries. All of the rooms in the palace open out onto a central courtyard, or chowk, demonstrating a key feature in Indian architecture, allowing cool air to flow throughout the various rooms.

The Phaltan Rajwada is not open to the general public since it is a private residence. However, guests staying with Jakson Inns have the advantage of seeing this Palace for a nominal charge which includes a tour of the palace. Many Bollywood movies have been shot at the Phaltan Rajwada , including Akshay Kumar's "Khatta Meetha"

The opulence of this royal home along with its architectural wonder makes it a very sought after attraction for tourists visiting the town of Phaltan.

The excellent maintenance of this monument speaks volumes about the passion behind maintaining the glorious heritage of the Phaltan Rajwada.