Jakson Inns Phaltan
Jakson Inns Phaltan

Wine tourism is gaining momentum not only abroad but also in India. It is interesting to know that Maharashtra can offer you a varied vineyard experience. Apart from Nashik and Solapur, there are many vineyards near Pune and Mumbai which are at drivable distances from both locations.

If you live in Mumbai and are looking at Vineyards near Mumbai or even Vineyards near Pune, then we would recommend that you turn this visit into a vacation with Hotel Jakson Inns Phaltan.

Phaltan is located 4.5 hrs from Mumbai & 2 hours from Pune. Hence guests looking for Vineyards near Mumbai or Vineyards near Pune needn't look elsewhere as we have tied up with some of the best Vineyards near Mumbai and Vineyards near Pune for a day trip while you can spend the night in the comfort of our resort. Some of the vinery's have beautiful cellar's where wine tasting is also done. Best time to visit the vineyards is during harvest season November-March, where one can enjoy plucking & crushing of grapes. A meal experience at the vineyards also forms a part of this tour.

Apart from visiting Vineyards, we do give you an experience of visiting local grape farms next to Hotel Jakson Inns Phaltan. These vineyards have different varieties ranging from table grapes to wine grapes. The local farms can vary from 10-20 acres in size and guests can experience plucking & tasting of grapes at nominal charges.Snacks & beverages are served during the visit. The tour manager also educates guests on how grapes are grown, methods of cultivation, harvesting & so on.

If you are travelling as a family with Children, where one has restrictions on the age factor for vineyard visits, then we believe that Jakson Inns would be the perfect place for you to stay as the hotel has no age restrictions on local grape farm visits. Parents too can enjoy without having the worries of leaving their children behind on such visits or having to bring their nanny's with them on a holiday.

However, even if you are travelling from across the country and your agenda is vineyards, you will have to land at Mumbai or Pune to make a vineyard visit & then travel by road to your destination. Hence, you need not search any more for Vineyards near Mumbai or Vineyards near Pune and head straight to Hotel Jakson Inns Phaltan which gives you the best of both worlds-5 star services with rustic experiences at affordable prices. You can enjoy the experience of a vineyard or a grape farm at affordable prices along with your loved ones and simultaneously experience the luxury of a contemporary hotel with a bar, restaurant, swimming pool, activity area, kids center, organic garden, gym and spa.