Jakson Hospitality

Engineering & Natural Resources


Jakson Inns, Phaltan is India's first CII IGBC LEED Platinum certified hotel . LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

Energy Efficient Building

To ensure we conserve the energy within the building and to reduce outside heat transmission into the building we have used.
1. Hollow bricks in the external wall.
2. We have underdeck insulation in the roof.
3. Window Wall ratio is limited to 30%.
4. Double glazed windows - this reduces the heat transmission in the building, thus reducing the burden on our Air Condtioning system. These factors have all contributed to good building envelope.

Locally Sourced Material

The materials required for Jakson Inns Phaltan project were majorly locally sourced within 400km form the site.

Energy Conservation

We have used energy efficient CFL / LED lamps for staff as well as guest areas.

Solar Panel

We have installed solar panels to reduce the pressure on the mainpower grid and produce energy through the cleanest source.Our solar panels have the capacity to generate 74 KW of energy per day.

Solar Plant

We have recently installed a 350 KW Solar Plant that generates 1400 units per day bringing down our electricity costs by 30%.

Bio degradable plant

We have our own bio degradable plant. This facility reduces our dependence on cylinders and fertilizers by recycling organic waste.

Water Treatment Plant

The hotel is self sufficient in its water requirement. We have our own well & borewell. The water from the borewell is send through water filteration process and then used for consumption.

Sewage Treatment Plant

At Jakson Inns, the water from Sewage Treatment plant is used for irrigation and flushing and thus by recycling we ensure zero water discharge from the site and reducing the pressure on our resources.

Rain water harvesting & Water conservation

To maximise the conservation of water we have installed Rain Water Harvesting system. All sanitary fixtures are also designed to achieve minimum water discharge.

Power saving unit

All our guest rooms have power saving unit. One needs to insert the room key in it to switch on the power. Once the key is removed the power shuts in 13 seconds.

Fuel conservation

We provide employees mass transportation to reduce the use of personal vehicles. This is turn helps in reducing air pollution.

Linen Exchange

At Jakson Inns, we launder our guest room linen once in 48 hours. This helps in reducing the pressure on our valued resources, thus enables our guest to also contribute towards saving energy

Residual exchange

The residual exhaust form our Laundry and Air conditioning system is utilised to provide hot water in the showers.

Saving electricity

We save electricity through various ways: 1. Heat Recovery Wheel - Saves electricty by extracting Internal temperature. 2. Variable refrigerant volume system - Saves electricty as it works on Occupancy/ Rooms occupied in a particular area. 3. Heat Pump- As the boiler heat pumps work on the define temperature break down system. 4. Hydro pneumatic sytem - We use it for water supply in the building which works as per the requirment and occupancy in particular part of the building

Recycling of material on site

The leftover tiles that were sourced from the site were used in back of the house areas like Laundry, etc. Such process helped us in recycling most of the material available at site.

Grass pavers

In order to increase GREEN area in the hotel vicinity, we have Grass Pavers in the parking areas.

Reduce use of plastic

In our endeavor to make all Jakson Hotels plastic free, at Jakson Inns we have reduced plastic items to zero. We have eliminated mineral water bottles from rooms & now provide purified drinking water. Bottled water is availble as a sale item & guests are encouraged to avoid its use.

Human Relations

Corporate Socio-Environmental Karma

We believe as part of our Core Values to build Good Karma. It is not a responsibility for us, but our right to support the less priviliged. As part of Jakson's Corporate Social Karma we have adopted a local ashram school, where the members of our Executive Team are visiting faculty and contribute a substantial amount of their work time towards educating and grooming these kids. The school is provided with drinking water facility, Engineering and IT support from our end.

Jakson For Women

We have 25% of women workforce at Jakson Inns. In order to ensure safety and security at work and provide unbaised growth in the workfield we formulated this programme called Jakson For Woman. We are an equal opportunity employer & believe in supporting the Women of Phaltan. Our objective is creating job opportunities for Women who are widowed, battered, divorced, sole bead earners of family or from economically backward classes, etc.

Supporting our society - Local Farmers

"Towards fulfilling our Vision of being ""India's Most Admired Hospitality company"" and supporting the society around us. We have tied up with the local farmers to grow a fixed quantity of vegetable and fruit supply for the hotel and procure it from them for a rate at par with market price thereby ensuring them a steady income."

Supporting our society - Local Women Self Help group

"We support Woman Self Help Groups from local villages (by procuring papads, pickles, masalas, chapatis, etc.) thereby ensuring them financial stability & independence."

Straight from the Heart

This is like a donation box, created To Celebrate the Joy of Giving. This policy is purely voluntary & does not pressurise employees for any donation. The initiative is designed to help our immediate family members in times of dire need & necessity.


To recognise our team members contribution towards creating a culture of service excellence. We believe in rewarding the team members with the highest no. of guest compliments with this award.


We encourage a culture of Appreciation. To encourage our team members to pat each others back and appreciate each others contribution to the growth of hotel, we run this initiative called Team Level compliments. Any team member with highest no. of compliments from his/her colleagues is awarded.


This is part of our Employee Rewards & Recognition programme. This award is designed to appreciate and encourage employees to contribute & share their ideas for the improvement of the workplace & the hotel in general. The ideas are generated keeping in mind the product, budgets, revenues, guests, employees & other stakeholders.

Ethics box

The ETHICS BOX is a forum or a mode of Managing Ethical Dilemmas within the Company. Any employee facing any ethics concern or has observed any grievance at work with regards to workplace honesty and intregity, can drop in their concerns in the drop box. This is then evaluated by the concerned Committee.


We run a special training programme to support the girl child with education from recognised university and on job skills called Learning Innovation and Forward Education. This programme is to support girl child from economically backward families with a zeal to educate themselves. At present we have 4% of workforce under this programme.

Hiring of Specially abled individuals

With a vision to support these super human beings in earning their own livelihood and a mission to create a work culture which is not differentiating and is diverse, we believe in identifying and creating jobs for the differently abled individuals like visually impaired, physically challenged, deaf n dumb etc. At present we have 4 % of our workforce under this category and create an all inclusive work environment.

Bhawana - Our Day Care Center

To encourage the local workforce recruitment and support the young mothers in taking up work, we have a day care centre for the children of our team members. The kids are provided with a balnaced diet and milk along with basic education.

Hakuna Matata

In order to provide our team members with relaxing and stress free environment at work. We have a recreation room to help them rejuvenate off their shift hours. We provide them with a cyber station, television, video library, various indoor games like chess, carrom, table tennis etc.

Front Office & Housekeeping

Single Lady Traveller rooms

We give utmost priority to the safety & security of our Lady Guests. Keeping this promise, we have specially designed single lady traveller rooms with special video camera facility on the doors. Next time, you have a door bell ringing just speak through the door phones before you open the door.


For the comfort of our guest & to help them enjoy a realxed sleeping experience, we have Anti bedbug memory foam mattress in all our guest rooms. The 10inch high mattress have the top layer that contours to the body and moulds as per the guests body shape. The base layer supported by High density Orthopedic foam, helps rejuvenate the body.


As part of our Jakson Karma initiative, we believe each human live should breathe fresh air. So to increase the supply of fresh oxygen in the rooms, we have placed special money plants which also add to the aesthetics of the room.

Variety of trees planted

We have planted over 30 varieties of fruits, medicinal herbs and trees around the hotel. Fruit & Herbal trees include - Bor (Indian jujube), Amla (Indian gooseberry), Coconut, Mango, Chickoo (Sapodilla), Gauva, Custard apple, Papaya, Pomegranate, Ramphal (bullock's heart), Karvanda, Jamun (Java plum), Anjir (Figs), Sweetlime, Orange, Jackfruit, Cashewnut, Banana, Tulsi (Holy basil), Neem, Pudina (Mint), Lemongrass, etc. Flowering trees include - White & Pink frangipani, Ananta (Gardenia Jasmine), Varieties of lilies, Hibiscus, Mogra, Parijat (Coral jasmine), Kanchan (Tree tale), Kaner (Oleander), Bougenville.

Herb garden

The guests can walk into our herb gardens and select the various vegetables planted in the most freshest form. Our Chef's are always happy to serve you a fresh salad or a sabzi made from the same. So make it your mantra - Eat Healthy & Stay Fit. We have planted vegetables like zucchini, basil, leeks, parsley, spinach, bell peppers, tomatoes, variety of lettuce, etc.

F&B Service and Production


In order to give our guest a wholesome meal experience, we provide a variety of food options in the portions size he/she may enjoy in the comfort of the room in the form of a TIFFIN. The Chef provides a selective menu of the day in 4 cuisines. Each cuisine has three options of varying price points Vegetarian / Meats & Poultry / Seafood

Flavoured water

To ensure that our guests enjoy healthy life state, we provide complimentary Flavoured water on request. Enjoy the herbal benefits of infusions like mint or lemon and ginger in drining water. It is believed such herbal infusions act as anti oxidants and help purify our digestive systems. Please check on the extensive range of infusions available.

Infusion shots

Have a healthy start to your day with wheatgrass, cucumber & mint, orange & ginger, celery & watermelon.

Recycling water

We promise to preserve each drop of water. Every drop that remains in the glass after our guests have finished their meal, is collected in a 'Recycling jar' and used to water the plants within the hotel vicinity.

Junior Chefs

The team at hotel, believes in nurturing the bright young minds. On request, we organise Bakery & Cookery sessions for our little guests at the hotel. They can try baking a muffin or a cake, later consume it too.

Gourmet Kitchen

Set within the same vicinity of the hotel, is a 10000 sq. ft Gourmet Kitchen. It offers around 3000 meals a day to the canteens of neighbouring Industries. The kitchen is an energy efficient building with insulated ceilings & see through covers to allow the light to penetrate, but avoid the external temperatures from affecting the temperature within.