Jakson Hospitality
Indian Green Building Council

Jakson Group is the founding member of the Indian Green Building Council, actively involved in promoting the Green Building movement in India. Our head office in Noida is a Platinum-rated Green Building. We are committed to conserve the precious resources of our planet for a sustainable future.

Our conservation initiative begins right from the construction phase of the hotel.

We are proud to announce that we are the first Platinum rated 3 star hotel in India classified by the Indian Green Building Council. In the effort to earn the Platinum status, we made sure that the hotel would never be a burden on Mother Earth and her recourses. We installed a 74KW solar terrace top array making JIP the first hotel in India to do so. We added an STP so as never to send human, kitchen and chemical waste into the gutters and streams. To follow through on environmental responsibility a rain harvesting system was installed. Double glaze windows, LED lightings, motion sensors and a bio gas plant are all proudly part of our DNA. We are proud to see 27 varieties of fruits, an entire organic vegetable farm and countless flowering and non flowering trees. We also closely work with local farmers and women self-help groups to help the local economy and increase the organic food print of our menu.

Finally and never to be forgotten is the family of employees that we have created from the local area and those that have travelled far to be part of our Green vision. They are the ones that carry the Green message through the Phaltan society by engaging the city in Swatch Bharat campaigns, Green-a-thons and adopting schools to conduct classes that align with the Green message..

We invite you all to come and experience our ‘Green Thumb’ service and relax in your temporary residence, there is so much more to discover.

We have installed solar panels to reduce the pressure on the mainpower grid and produce energy through the cleanest source.Our solar panels have the capacity to generate 74 KW of energy per day.

Our Conservation Initiatives

Solar Power Initiative


Reduces dependence on the grid

Worm Culture Facility


Reduces dependence on cylinders and fertilizers by recycling organic waste

Rain Water Harvesting


And recycling initiatives helps maximize the use of water

Residual Exhaust


From laundry and air conditioning system is utilized to provide heat water in shower system


We have an ongoing program to recycle paper, glass, aluminum, plastic and metal waste

Eco-Friendly Components

Renewable Energy:

We have recently installed a 350 KW Solar Plant that generates 1400 units per day bringing down our electricity costs by 30%.

Water Conservation:

The hotel is equipped with a Sewage Treatment Plant that recycles waste water, reused for landscaping & flushing reducing a significant level of water consumption.

Energy Efficiency:

Implementing a HVAC system through effective shading, cooling, energy efficient and ecofriendly chillers (non CFC gas), lighting and smart building automation. The VRV air-conditioning for temperature control, reduces electricity usage. Variable frequency drives installed save power consumption during off peak load hours. 90 % of the space is naturally lit, reducing the need for artificial lighting.

Environment Friendly Construction:

80% of the building material has been sourced locally using recycled materials reducing the environmental impact of transportation. The building has an energy-efficient envelope including hollow blocks in the external walls, window-wall ratio limited to 28%, double glazed glass units & mosaic roof coating that helps reduce surface temperatures.

Zero Waste Initiative:

Waste is segregated before disposal or reuse. Non-toxic and non-carcinogenic green seal certified chemicals are used for regular Housekeeping/Laundry.

Reduce Use of Plastic:

In our endeavor to make all Jakson Hotels plastic free, at Jakson Inns we have reduced plastic items to zero. We have eliminated mineral water bottles from rooms & now provide purified drinking water. Bottled water is availble as a sale item & guests are encouraged to avoid its use.

Organic Vegetable Garden:

Hotel has organic farm for growing vegetables. Most herbs grown are used in preparation of guest meals. We have separate waste storage area for disposing off unused chemicals and their containers.

Fuel and Energy Conservation:

We provide employees a shuttle service to reduce the use of personal vehicles. This in turn helps in reducing air pollution.

Solar Panels

Energy Conservation Measures

  • Replaced maximum lamps with LED, process is ongoing.
  • Standard unit measurement for power consumption is generated helping us track progress.
  • “CARE”: Preventive maintenance schedules are chalked out by Training/Engineering & Housekeeping Departments.
  • Energy meter area wise has been installed to monitor electricity/water consumption.
  • Motion sensors have been installed to control wastage.
  • Guest floors open as per count to minimize HLP & R&M cost.
  • Installed HRW (Heat Recovery Unit) to save electricity by extracting internal temperature.
  • We have installed BMS system to monitor area consumption regular interval.
  • Boilers: The recovered condensate from steam boiler is used to preheat domestic water and feed water to the boilers
  • Installed large size DGU windows to use maximum natural light in day time.
  • Linen Exchange- We launder our guest room linen once in 48 hours. This helps in reducing the pressure on our valued resources, thus enables our guest to also contribute towards saving energy & water.

Water Conservation Measures

  • We are using recycled water treated through 45 Kld STP to develop green at surroundings. Water treatment plant is used for irrigation and flushing and thus by recycling we ensure zero water discharge from the site and reducing the pressure on our resources.
  • Encourage Hotel Guests to “Plant A Tree” in the hotel gardens.
  • Guests are taken around the Hotel and explained green initiatives and best practices.
  • Tent cards reading “Save electricity & water” are placed in guest rooms.
  • All the best practices posters are made in Public Area Lobby – Practically shown and explained to in-house guests.
  • We have installed Rain Harvesting system from surface and terrace area to maximize ground water table at surrounding.
  • Installed Tap Aerators, low flow shower heads to minimize water wastage.

Waste Minimization & Waste Management Measure

  • Provide newspapers to guests on request only
  • Use refillable soap & shampoo dispenser’s in all guest bathrooms/staff and guest cloak rooms.
  • Set printers and copiers to duplex printing by default.
  • Eliminate the use of polystyrene (Styrofoam) and plastic food service containers.
  • Reduce the purchasing of excess materials.
  • Use old or discarded office paper for notepads or packing material.
  • Using newspaper for wrapping guest laundry.
  • REUSE & RECYCLE policy is part of the training program.
  • We collect left over water from guest glasses & bottles into a drum and use it for watering plants daily.

Our Awards

IGBC award Green Hotel Award Green Hotel of the year award

Employees Contribution Towards Green Initiatives

Tree Plantation

Our main motive is to plant more and more Trees around the Jakson Inns. So we all have fresh and clear air to breath.

Go Green Go Cycling- Pollution Control Awareness Drive

We had this drive to spread awareness in the society on “Saving natural resources that are contributing to Global Warming”.

Green Building Week:

Poster Competition:

Kids from BhausahebDaitankar school and from BHAWANA –our day care center participated in poster competition which highlighted messages on “Save Nature”.


Embracing a fitter and cleaner lifestyle, Walkathon was organized to raise ones voice in creating a cleaner city to live , be fit, healthy and happy.

Art from Waste:

Competitions are organized to convert waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental value.

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan:

Cleaning drives around Phaltan are organised to educate locals on “Importance of Hygiene and cleaning”.

Teaching at School:

Have adopted a residential school & are constantly educating them on environment friendly practices through our Executives.