Wedding at Jakson Inns: Delivering a Blend of Signature Experiences

A wedding is indeed a very special occasion. The sound of wedding bells reflects the purity & sanctity of two souls who decide to live their life together. Every couple wants to make it memorable and vying to craft this big day into a perfect one. But to make it a perfect one, multiple elements have to be taken care of. Indeed, a wedding is a black canvas without an ideal venue, as all the arrangements revolve around it. Eventually, it is the venue only where one will be hosting their family & friends to celebrate a ceremony. So it is imperative to choose it wisely after a thorough research as it plays the biggest part in setting one’s wedding tone.

Since the wedding industry has become gigantic, the market is brimming with wedding venues. But one has to single out the one that has all the elements placed perfectly. As in a perfect occasion, every single arrangement complements each other. One just can’t afford to lose focus on any single element.

What if we tell you that one can make everything perfect in a single venue? Yes, Jakson Inns Phaltan, Maharashtra, is the place for you. It is an ideal destination crafted by industry experts with wedding expertise and resourcefulness in their blood. A venue customized as per your choice and budget, Jakson Inns can bring anything to your table in terms of knowledge and execution.

It has large sprawling lawns with scenic settings that can accommodate over 1000 people. Whether you want a large wedding or want to keep it an intimate affair, we can offer you a customized area and elements best suited to your choice.

We know you will come with a barrage of questions. That’s why Jakson Inns is prepared to answer them all. Well, we have also prepared some questions for you to get a precise brief about your likes & dislikes, themes you like, the ceremonies involved, decor, talent, food, how you would like to see each function unravel, and so forth. Even if you are confused about what you actually want, we can suggest the wedding your style suits the most.

Then our wedding planners formulate a well-devised plan based on your requirements and guide you through every step.

We are sure every Indian is proud of its vibrant culture and the same is reflected in Indian marriages no matter what religion or region you belong to or customs & traditions you follow. We have well managed resources to churn out all your requests & ideas into action. We set the execution, guests management, entertainment design & choreography, food & beverage management, styling, personal shopper, and transport & logistics management as per your customs & traditions.

India is not only culturally vibrant. Its vibrant nature can be witnessed in its cuisine. Every area has its specific kind of cuisine, and every couple wants to get a good mix of regional as well as western cuisine on the menu on their wedding day. Amazingly, our chefs are well crafted in their culinary art to create customised menus & deliciously appetizing cuisine.

What comes next? It is your mandap decoration. It is as crucial as other things because all the marriage ceremony pictures will have the mandap as its backdrop. So depicting your personal and what outfits you will wear, we design a customized mandap for you. Whether you want decoration with Floral Extravaganza, Grand amphitheatre, Colourful Drapes Canopy, or even Poolside Mandap decoration, the choice is exclusively yours. We will design it for you.

The only thing left is to arrange a Pandit or a Priest for your wedding who dictates rituals for you. We have covered this as well and can arrange one for you.

Yes, your wedding ceremony and reception are crucial parts of the entire planning. But what about the pre-wedding celebrations that set the entire tone leading up to the big day. Don’t worry as we will take care of it as other things. Either it is a bachelor or bachelorette fun party with your closest friends, bridal shower, or Mehendi ceremony, or you aim for some relaxation with a Spa session, Jakson Inns can take of everything with its experienced team.

Hailed as a preferred venue for the people who like to keep their wedding away from the rush of the metropolitan cities and want to keep their wedding an intimate & exclusive affair, Jakson Inns delivers you the best experience for your dream wedding.

The exclusive venue in its own, the hotel is IGBC LEED Platinum certified which means it meets the highest standard in categories like Sustainable Sites, Water Efficiency, Energy & Atmosphere, Materials & Resources, Indoor Environmental Quality, and Innovation in Design. Following eco-friendly principles to the core, Jakson Inns runs its solar energy operations and relies on organic farming methods to ensure optimum utilization of natural resources.

 In terms of occupancy & facilities, the hotel boasts of 69 deluxe rooms, four luxury suites, a contemporary bar, a multi cuisine restaurant and an exotic swimming pool. Jakson Inns has a basketball court and bicycles for recreational and fitness purposes to deliver the blend of beauty, wellness, and health. We have a fully-equipped gym with on-call trainers, as many of you can’t afford to take a break from your fitness goals.

We believe the beauty of nature is supreme. However, every corner of Jakson Inns is crafted under the vision of industry connoisseurs. But the serene beauty of Phaltan is the most enchanting factor that complements Jakson Inns’ elegance. The place is exceptionally serene, peaceful, and has elements that make it a natural paradise. Phaltan is also famous for its rich cultural heritage and historical and mythological significance, registering a great footfall of pilgrims, devotees, and tourists. Our ultimate goal is to understand your vision, develop it, and exceed your expectations. And if you want your wedding to be complemented with signature experiences and a perfect mix of peaceful and colourful ambiance, Jakson Inns is the ultimate choice for you.

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