8 Best Ages For Exploring Unexplored Places With Phaltan On Top Of The List

Age is but a number, we have heard them barf.

It’s not our rudeness towards the fact and people but towards an unlived life, towards missed opportunities of unlived adventures.

It is to change that ideology, to help fix an unadventurous life with an adventurous, a pleasant one, that we have created this timeline to walk you through a lifecycle here.

It is to reason with fact how each of you fellas can make the most of living a certain age, adventurously. And the same goes for your folks back at home, or your pals in their homes.

It is for our soul-satisfaction of watching people take pleasure in little things that we have created this feed. And a myriad of luxurious, leisure-friendly facilities at our Jakson Inns, including therapy room, fitness room, salad garden, recreation center, pool, and kids center among others.

So, go on, feel your age, your current life, and then, feel free to fill your bucket-list with ideas, inspiration and activities adventurous enough to elevate the status of your ‘life’.

8 Ages. 8(000) reasons to explore Phaltan with us. And other unexplored places once you have mastered the art of adventurous living

Tods and Kids

Perhaps the only best age to experience attended freedom in the wilderness is when living the years before your tweens.

It is the time when all sorts of malls matter the least. And so could all kinds of gadgets, including phones and the games gusted inside those phones.

It is that time when you are set free to explore the unexplored, to visit vast lands and lush greens, to see the horizon at the farthest end your eyes can see, to catch the sight of freely flying flock of birds. It is in that time when you feel truly alive, exuberant, free.

It is after that time, after having ran the fastest your feet can tread, after playing with animals other than dogs and cats, after paddling a cycle the swiftest your legs can, that you truly realize the meaning of being tired.

Then coming back to your lux suite at Jakson Inns, and sprawling your feet on the soft mattress of your pristine bed while brooding at Jakson Inns is when you realize the earth in your textbooks and the earth in reality are quite the same.

Give that taste of freedom to your kids, the one you yourself have lived, the understanding of the real mother earth, and the sensation of a truly tired body followed by the soundest sleep of your life.

Tweenage and Teenage

Between the to-and-fros of classes and catchups, comes a time when you want to take a breather. But malls simply sound like the dullest place one could breathe in. And somehow, so do the pubs and clubs you have been visiting every other weekend.

Possibly, it’s time to gather your squad and get on the road. Then again, Lonavala and Khandala sounds exactly like the kind of place your folks would visit back in the twentieth century.

Here, think again.

Imagine a place, actually a plateau, in the Western Ghats, a biodiversity hotspot, read the hub for seasonal wild flowers caught in full bloom, and you walk through them. Now reimagine, for that place really exists and is called the Kaas, with a Kaas lake in Satara.

Let’s continue imagining, for there’s more.

So, you come back to your cool place of interim residence, the Jakson Inns. And you sit by the poolside and chat with your folks, laughing your hearts out for you can’t stop pulling each other’s legs as you enjoy your favorite mocktails and munch on your favorite snacks off the platter. Sorted, right?


So, the struggle has already begun.

We are officially in the age where either you can make it or break it. Now, break reminds us of the time when you simply can’t take the agony anymore and are in dire need of vanishing out of everyone’s sight.

Here comes Phaltan, just two hours’ drive from Pune, and about four and a half hours from Mumbai. Easy catch, right?

Now, who needs a relaxing, soothing, serene, out worldly peaceful spa? Yes, we know we all do.

Rejoice, for there happens to be a place, in fact one of the best Agro Tourism Resorts near Mumbai, Jakson Inns, with just the kind of spa that would revive your senses.

Of course, we know 20s is the age when we have a huge appetite for both food and activities. Does cycling fancy you? Or horse riding? Or milking a cow, for that matter? Or a heartful meal? You get it all in Phaltan; at Jakson Inns.


After all that grand struggle of the twenties, we know we can afford a couple days of absolute leisure, can’t we?

When that’s sorted, let’s step into a place which can both take you away from the loud and fast city life and can get you all the right weapons to revitalize.

That place is Phaltan, and Jakson Inns, one of the most luxurious hotels in Phaltan, Maharashtra.

Perhaps, reviews of hotel Jakson Inns will tell you it is in fact the most luxurious hotel in Phaltan.


Welcome to the twenty-first century baby-busters.

We understand how easy it really is to believe the wilderness are gone.

That the times when you visited your folks and played out in the lush greens is gone. That milking cows is gone. That picking food off an organic farm is gone. That vast orchards, pomegranate orchards, are gone.

Fun fact: it’s not. It’s all here. Right here at and near, Jakson Inns in Phaltan.

They are all here for you to enjoy, to explore the unexplored, the kind that would remind you of the good ol’ days.


A little time off the city, a deep breath of fresh air, a long romantic walk down the flowerbeds with your wife, and losing yourself in the vastness of fields, is perhaps all you need now.

Let’s make that happen. At and near Phaltan, not only do you get a great time off the city but long walks down the flowerbeds, that is Kaas Pathar, deep and rejuvenating breaths of fresh air along with yoga, and a chance to lose yourself in the windmill near Phaltan.

All that with the comfort of city-like luxury and brilliantly interiorized suites at Jakson Inns. We call that a win-win.


Somethings were simply better off in the great ol’ days. Is that what you’re thinking? You are absolutely right. There were.

Like milking cows. Like riding horses in the wilderness. Like visiting forts in the lush greens. Like visiting temples and thinking out loud in the tranquility.

The good news is, we have found the essence of the good ol’ days in this very day. And, it’s pleasantly named Phaltan.


The best age to reinvent the times gone by, and innovate the times in the making.

For the ones gone by, recreate them with your old mates. Explore a new beautiful place. Go out on a new adventure to Phaltan.

For the ones in the making, how about a random holiday trip with your kids and their kids?

Is that the sound of thinking we hear? No need to worry about time, and planning, and scheduling, for Phaltan is only a couple hours’ drive away from both Pune and Mumbai.

Also, no need to worry about luxury your family is accustomed to. For Jakson Inns has sorted that out with splendid suites and elegant luxuries.

Bonus: Just ‘coz we all love a little extra

80’s and over

There’s still so much to see, and there’s still so much to do.

Like something we didn’t in the other, earlier ages. For instance – sitting back and relaxing while watching time float; seconds merging with minutes, and minutes acquiring hours.

It’s time to reinvent the free-spirited you. It’s time to look after yourself again for a change.

And we, well, we are always here to help you do that.

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