On Getting Married, Spotting Destination & Seven Vows of Togetherness

The sensation of sitting on one knee. The sound of an elating ‘yes’. The spark in the eyes, and the glee on the lips. The apparent momentary bliss that will stay for a lifetime. Between these emotions it’s the wedding bells we hear.

The aunts from distant lands, the uncles from farthest corners, the brothers from bays of Bahamas, and the sisters sun basking in Seychelles, suddenly they all have dreams to dream and advices to share – dreams of your wedding, and advices for your wedding.

But you know you are the smart one. It’s your wedding, and finally, you’ve got the say!

How about having a say that would make your day the absolute reality of those wedding dreams you’ve been dreaming since eternity?

How about bidding adieu to the high decibels of traffic honks and streets strutted with herds of humans and vehicles alike?

How about taking the road less taken and picking a destination that peaks the sounds of your cheery laughter over the traffic honks and abrasive chitter-chatter of random people?

How about serene greens of Satara? A place where earth meets the sky, that is with grounds so vast you can clearly see the horizon, perhaps even spot the sun rise and sun set. How romantic, isn’t it?

Bestowed with the status of one of the best wedding destinations in Phaltan, Satara has sheer natural beauty to charm you and make your heart go ‘aww’ for the second time.

The third would be when you’ll take your vows admiring your beaus gleaming face, for the umpteenth time, only this time in the natural day/dawn light and your wedding attires.

Let’s rewind and come back to the time when you gather your squad and visit Satara, near Phaltan (Phaltan near Satara) for the very first time, picking Jakson Inns for your stay. Why Jakson Inns, you ask? That’s an easy one to answer.

6 acres of property, 69 deluxe rooms, a contemporary bar, a vividly brilliant multicuisine restaurant, 24-hour in-room dining service, with cuisines ranging from Indian to Continental, Italian to Chinese, and even Maharashtrian to Malwani.

That’s not all. You’ve got yourself karaoke nights and DJ nights, too. Something, we know you’ll love and so would your guests. Plus, there’s a cake shop as well. But enough about Jakson Inns, for you know that’s the best you’ll find in the gorgeous greens of Phaltan, near Satara.

Coming back to your lovely wedding and the planning, it’s only likely we’ll begin with finalizing the destination.

So, this one of the easiest weekend drives from Mumbai has got all the right ingredients to ensure that your folks and friends from Mumbai and Pune not only reach the destination smoothly but are also welcomed by mesmerizing views powered by serenity.

Once inside the Jakson Inns, they’ll be delighted at the ease and comfort while of course, commending your choice.

Imagine their expressions as you take them to the sprawling lawns of Jakson Inns, the very grounds you’ll say your vows, with scenic settings so beautiful that would arouse romanticism in the most unromantic one, be it your uncle or aunt.

Then imagine their glistening smile as you narrate the cool places and fun activities you have planned for them during the next couple days of your wedding fiesta. Excited, aren’t you? Well, we totally are.

Let’s elevate that excitement further with the platter of activities and places you can surprise your wedding guests with.

For the wine lovers in your family, consider an enticing rendezvous at two incredible vineyards near Mumbai, in proximity to Phaltan.

For the seekers of serenity, how about a walk through the windmill farms?

Perhaps you might consider surprising the most romantic couples from your family and friends by taking them on a romantic revival through the Windmill farms. Why, of course, you and your beau will be the leaders of this romantic sojourn?

For your fun-loving friends and folks, we are certain a picnic by the waterfall will catch their fancy and would make it one of the most talked about memories from your wedding in the days to come.

On such a grand holiday full of fun, wouldn’t it be incredible to brighten the days and evenings preceding your wedding with tongue-tantalizing flavors and mind-blowing cuisine, prepared and presented by brilliant chefs? Sigh of pleasure and tranquility! Yes, that’s what you and your guests will get accustomed to when at Jakson Inns.

And just like that, arrives your wedding day. A little nervous, a little excited you look at the altar, beautifully designed and decorated to match the ambience with that of your wedding day dreams and desires.

There, the best of your family and friends, the folks present to celebrate the most important day of your life with you, all stare admiringly at the beauty of the venue, awaiting its charm to match yours and your beaus.

Finally, as you step in, ready to tread those seven circles across the fire, saying your seven vows, or holding each other’s hands as you vow to never part, you look around and stamp the ambience in your memory, moment after moment.

That’s the day you dreamt of. That’s the day you will be living. That’s your day to be cherished forever and ever.

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