Why Invest in Executive Outings and Team Building?

We love our lives. All of us do. One way or the other, at one point or another, we happen to appreciate the lives we’ve got, and the little and big things included in it.

Our work is one of those inclusions, but as is imbued in our nature now, we drown ourselves in work so much that we forget about other stuff, especially amongst all that work pressure, the deliveries, targets, competition and a lot more.

It is when witnessing such dedication that people at top levels, the directors and managers, decide to take a benevolent step, reminding the folks at their companies, their hardworking subordinates, that all work no play makes Jack a dull boy.

And we all know what that dullness transforms into.

No, we’re not going to use that D word, here. In fact, we are going to point in a merrier direction.

Companies Are People Too

It is said that companies are made out of an association of people.

That makes companies people too.

The best thing about including people, technically the homo sapiens, into picture is that they have a brilliant thought process. They are capable of innovating, of creating, of generating new ideas.

And we know what comes off of those new ideas.

Yes, we are going to use the P word here. Profits, that’s what.

People Breathe… And Hence Need A Breather

Of course, since we are talking about people, it is understood that they’ve brains and brains tire. While resting is one way to restock the brainpower, rejuvenating is another, might we say a better option.

It is through rejuvenation, through breathing in the fresh air, through stepping closer to nature that we help rebuild the geniuses that our people are. And by our, we mean the company’s, the very people that make companies.

Thus, taking a breather is the most amiable option.

And gifting a breather to your employees is the perfect choice, to make an investment that will likely bring major returns for the company, via the employee performance road.

A Breather Off Of An Executive Excursion

All of us, who have struggled to find the best professionals in our respective industries would agree that it is hard to find the finest people, and harder to retain them.

As they say, a little care and attention go a long way. Show that you care by organizing an executive outing near Mumbai.

Phaltan, is a fascinating option, considering its wide landscape, captivating natural beauty and many intriguing options in close proximity, making it a supreme choice among various executive outing options near Mumbai.

Situated at a prime location in Phaltan is Jakson Inns. Bestowed with unfiltered natural beauty, Jakson Inns has everything to make your executive outing a success.

Team Building During Executive Outing

The things that truly make an executive outing a success are camaraderie, serene environment, captivating ambience, luxury, leisure, and proximity to nature, among other things.

Together, Phaltan and Jakson Inns in Phaltan offer that and a lot more on the platter.

First, let’s consider the in-house activities, facilitated by cool décor and design of the Jakson Inns.

Say, you start the morning of your executive outing with a soulful dose of yoga. Then, extending the serenity further, you and your executives take a stroll down the salad garden.

Let your executives pick their favorite vegetables from those salad gardens at Jakson Inns.

Better yet, bring the team closer by partnering your executives and letting them pick the fellowman’s favorite vegetables.

Take a nature walk in lush sugarcane farms or spot a variety of birds.

Then, leave it to our expert chef at Jakson Inns for converting your vegetable hunt into a sumptuous salad.

Farther down the day, indulge your executives into grape tasting at the local grape farms. How about creating another fancy team building exercise around grape tasting?

Then follow up the day and your executive outing with a picnic at Dhoom Dam. Built on Krishna river, Dhoom Dam is located at just seventy-four kilometers from Jakson Inns, making it a perfect place for myriad team building activities.

Or take the route to the Pussegaon Windmills, situated on a mountain and spread over a plateau.  Learn all about the engineering behind windmills. Sounds enticing, already, doesn’t it? Now imagine the response from your executives as they visit this windmill near Phaltan. Delightful, right? Right.

Between magical landscapes and breathtaking views, initiate any of your many team building activities. And when your team members seem to be catching their breaths, open the picnic basket that Jakson Inns has loaded with goodies on that guided tour to the windmill farm they have organized for you.

As the sky turns pale, return to your fancy place of interim stay, the Jakson Inns.

Let your executives relish the taste of luxury before tasting the luscious meal that chefs at Jakson Inns have curated and prepared for you.

How about toasting to a fabulous and successful executive outing with a drink at the Fulltoon bar, another fancy thing about Jakson Inns?

Conclude the day by poolside, with some subtle yet final round of team building activities and rejoice in the elevated camaraderie you see in your team over the course of just one day.

Now, when we are talking about team building activities sat by the poolside, pool volleyball sounds like just the perfect option, doesn’t it? Let the folks at Jakson Inns arrange that for you.

Or if your team feels up for another, perhaps final game before calling it a day, say cheers to a match of basketball or cricket, which can easily be organized out on the hotel lawns.

You can call for an added flavor to your theme lunches and dinners by accompanying it with local performances or a DJ. The folks at Jakson Inns would be delighted to arrange that for you.

Or – since we love offering options – you can also indulge your team or executives in cooking classes or pizza making.

Perhaps, cooking on live chulha would be pretty dap, won’t you agree?

Don’t worry if you are smitten by the magic of Phaltan’s beauty and Jakson Inns’ luxurious services. It’s likely.

You’re welcome…

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